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An Important Update Regarding COVID-19

The implications of COVID-19 continue to negatively impact training and hiring practices for aquatic facility managers across the country. In order to ensure that everyone is ready to start the pool season on time, we have designed an innovative class schedule that allows for students to complete as much of their training as possible virtually, maximizing student safety and reducing the amount of in-person training required. This schedule involves a blended learning approach that utilizes online coursework, videoconference meetings, and in-person skills training, which occur over three phases:

  • Phase 1 (Online): Students complete 7 hours of online coursework through the American Red Cross Learning Center. Students will receive instructions for completing Phase 1 after registering for Phases 1+2 online.
  • Phase 2 (Online): Students meet with their lifeguard instructors for 2.5 hours over Zoom to review the lifeguarding course lecture material. Students will complete all required written testing during this Zoom session.
  • Phase 3 (In-Person): Students meet in-person for two days to undergo rescue skills training. During this training session, students will practice their rescue skills in the water, while adhering to safety precautions developed by SELA and utilized by the Red Cross across the country. Safety precautions will be based on the current COVID-19 numbers in the local community, and may include the use of small student groups (4 or less), in-water manikins (replacing live victims), use of KN-95 masks, and COVID-19 testing prior to arrival.

This training format will allow us to meet everyone's certification needs in the most timely manner, so that no pool is forced to delay opening longer than necessary and no lifeguard misses out on a job opportunity.

Registration process: To register for the lifeguard course, select the Phases 1+2 option and find the Phase 2 date that works best for you. You may complete Phase 1 on your own time, but it MUST be completed prior to your Phase 2 date. The Phase 2 training includes written testing that covers material from Phase 1.

Phase 3 training sessions have not yet been scheduled. As we learn more about the progression of vaccine administration and updated orders from the governor, we will begin scheduling those sessions. We expect to begin offering Phase 3 training in late March and continue running them through June. Students will have many Phase 3 training sessions to choose from in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans areas. Students will not be certified in lifeguarding until they have completed their Phase 3 training.

Updated Refund Policy

If students complete Phases 1+2 but are unable to complete Phase 3 during the 2021 season, SELA will issue a $100 discount to be used towards any 2022 course. Phase 1+2 registrations are totally non-refundable. Phase 3 courses are non-refundable unless their session is cancelled due to government restrictions.

Students complete the blended learning and then meet with a lifeguard instructor over Zoom to cover classroom material.
After completing blended learning and a Zoom classroom meeting, students will meet in person.
This course is for previously certified lifeguards who need to renew their certification.